How will the application connect to my virtuemart store?
We’ll provide you small component, which you’ll need to install on your store. The app will connect to this component to interact with your store.
I want to integrate ad-free version of this application with my store. What will be the price?
Please fill up the request a quote http://virtuemartforandroid.com/request_quote.php form or just contact us on sales@sufalamtech.com to know the pricing.
My VirtueMart store has custom features. Will this application work with it?
We can customize our application to work with your VirtueMart store. Just contact us on sales@sufalamtech.com
Can application for my store have custom design?
Yes, we’ll provide custom design for each new store we integrate.
Will you provide after sales support & updates?
Yes, It’ll be included in our proposal.